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What to Wear With a Polo Shirt. Try wearing a polo shirt polo shirt fashion with a summer suit for the best man about town look, to make it modern opt for a white trainer instead of a loafer, this gives the ultimate casual look of a man who knows how to style an outfit.

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What to Wear With a Polo Shirt. Try wearing a polo shirt polo shirt fashion with a summer suit for the best man about town look, to make it modern opt for a white trainer instead of a loafer, this gives the ultimate casual look of a man who knows how to style an outfit.
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What to Wear With a Polo Shirt. Try wearing a polo shirt polo shirt fashion with a summer suit for the best man about town look, to make it modern opt for a white trainer instead of a loafer, this gives the ultimate casual look of a man who knows how to style an outfit.
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I like a polo with a suit but it has to be a slim fit 60s cut suit, polo buttons done up, collar in. Are you coming to Stockholm Fashion Week this week? Will you stop by in Malmoe in southern Sweden? I read it everyday: Plus black and blue… Best to break all old-fashioned rules!

If you can carry it of with confidence… Collar out! I'd like to think an enormous bear was charging down the street as this photo was taken, and this guy is calmly taking off his glasses before he wrestles it to the ground. That is the kind of manliness that exudes from this fellow. European or Japanese cut for polo shirts every time. The american "baggy" is an atrocious style.

I think we should ask the beard, because the beard seems to have taken over the whole deal here. Beards and belt buckles should blend into the look, not dominate. I think the polo looks appropriate with the casual nature of the linen shirt.

Keeps it from looking like a wrinkled mess. But I think I'd prefer the collar in. Then again, that's why you're the sartorialist! Normally I would say never and if you do, collar in, but I think this guy pulls it off, so…who knows? It can be done but the secret is to make sure you pare like with like. If it's a cotton poloshirt go for a casual cotton or linen suit, if it's a marino or cashmere poloshirt think John Smedley then team it with a sharply tailored suit.

I vote in, however there's something so extreme about his outfit the high waist and the similar tones of the shirt and suit that just make this work for me.

Totally agree with the previous poster that the problem here is the beard. It attracts too much attention and needs to be trimmed. Other than that, there's too much going on with the look. Either take out the pocket square or remove the pin.

Like all of the time on every occasion…. Oh yes,I like his individual style,the rough with the smooth,he makes it work for him and got you to notice it. Collar in, collar out? I don't think it matters much to this man, who is handsome enough to pull off anything. Collar IN for sure-with the jacket closed! More important, is if the shirt should be tucked in or not… Being shorter than most dress shirts, they should probably be worn out, as to avoid pulling and bunching. The polo collar out over these short notched lapels does not work too well.

All those corners together are unflattering. I would say collar in then, but think I'd have to see first. Might be best to lose the polo altogether. I think some of you are being too critical…I admire anyone who steps out of conformity. The polo is not common, but he looks great, polished and well dressed…Admit it! I don't normally like polo's with suits, but this is Simone we are talking about.

He can do anything. I think this guy totally pulls it off! He looks at ease and yet polished — great combination for me! It's so inspiring and shows unique people with unique styles — great work! I prefer to wear a shirt with a suit or combination, but sometimes a polo looks cool imo. For example with a linen suit, like the guy on the photo. I associate wearing the collar out with maffia guys, dealing marihuana and stuff like that. Just keep it in!

Out is the better way to wear it, cause both are melting togehter and giving the whole look the character!! A polo with a suit as seen can be worn if the gentleman who's wearing it has the confidence and stature to pull it off.

In this case, he's wearing it as though it was meant to be worn that way.. Collar in or out? That said, I can't say that I like this Italian representation of the look very much. It's probably just me, but I don't think it's working very well with the Italian tailoring. I have no problem with the clothes or the hair styling per se but what I notice is an issue of proportion of his head to his shoulders. I'm thinking if the lost the beard it would make his face smaller and his shoulders appear broader.

Or maybe if the shoulders on the jacket were broader the beard would be more in proportion. My American suburban sensibilities haven't caught up with the high waist on the pants yet. They still seem odd to me, like elastic waist mom jeans. I'll get there once I see more of them. If he would just buy a one size larger jacket, it wouldn't matter about the shirt because, then it would fit and he wouldn't look like an over-stuffed sausage.

Leaving my likes and dislikes aside, this gentleman looks nice. I would usually say collar in, but unlike the times when we had the do's and don't's, it's so liberating and fun to do what you think it's best for you.

The trousers are very high waisted, not sure I like that. However the the whole ensemble is pretty cool. If you wear a polo with a suit or combination, then rather not choose a regular polo with the well-known collar of stripe-structured fabric, contrasting with the fabric of the polo itself. This type of collar only needs to be stitched on the polo.

The man on the photo is wearing a polo like this and most manufactures produce their polos this way. Some manufactures, like Corneliani — a well-known at least in Europe Italian brand with exellent craftmanship — produce polos with a different collar: This type of collar does not only need to be stitched on the polo but the collar itself also needs to be stitched, like the collar of a shirt, so that a good look shows that the two sides in and out of the collar are stitched together: This kind of polo is more like a shirt, so I prefer this one in combination with a suit.

If it were on someone different I would probably hate this look, but he appears to have the confidence and swagger to pull off anything; including a conflicting polo and pocket square. I don't know if it's the photo, but those colors don't seem to coordinate to me…. Tricky indeed, personally- don't think this guy is pulling it off.

I agree with anonymous who said you are being too critical. He is a non-conformist, therefore the collar out. And it looks great. The suit is wrinkled, a little too much, but I thought it was the heat. I like the colour combinatin, the murky brown with the blue, and the cut of the suit is great. We need to judge. Next time, one photo with collar in and one with collar out. I'm going for in! Fashion, Art and other fancies.

His face is very Strong in that masculine Italian sort of way. The beard blends in nicely with the shape of his face and hair colour, and he has 'Attitude! Don't know, not an "easy" combination for sure… btw imo he did it the best possible. Even if I have a very general rule: Collar in I reckon. Then the suit lapel shape is retained. It doesn't look quite right here but then one needs to see both ways…Julia.

The colors, the fabric, the cut…everything works. His pant waist sits very high though…actually I don't think the look would work with a lower waist belt. First of all, this gentleman looks absolutely gorgeous and sexy! Second, I don't know if I care too much about the pleated, high-waisted matching pants of the suit. However, it seems to work very well for him in this ensemble. Third, the black polo and the dark blue of the suit plays off each other very well very reminiscent of Calvin Klein's past color combination.

First, he has a pretty thick-ish neck which carries off the polo collar nicely. Second, and most importantly, the type and construction of the polo shirt he is wearing rides very high on the back of the neck.

If the polo shirt was riding low on the back of the neck, by all means, it should be worn inside the lapels of the suit. However, more than likely his polo shirt is from Italy, of course, and when I have bought shirts in Italy, the collars tend to be thicker and rides higher on the neck thus providing more substance to the neck area making the wearer look more masculine, which this look does.

Uuaahh, a no go, thats reserved for tv presenters and car sales stuff. The rest of him is nice. As others have said, definitely collar in, but this guy pulls it off. Most would not though, so I'd stick with the collar in.

If I hadn't seen this picture, I would have said "in" for sure! But he seems to pull it off nicely here. There are only 2 things I would change here. Its only August—lighten it up with a different color of polo.

Second, the color of the button in his lapel is a strange choice. Its distracting from the rest of the ensemble and detracts from the impact of the pocket square. I doubt there are many people out there that could pull this look off however he certainly can. If someone had described this look to me I would have thought 'no way' but on him, absolutely. Perhaps it's the relaxed feel of a linen suit combined with the polo that helps it to work or perhaps it's just that this guy would make anything look good.

I like the way he's looking into the camera, there's almost a hint of a challenge there. Collars should almost always be in, especially on women. Nothing says "polyester uniform suit" like a big floppy collar sticking out. This handsome gentleman will always look dashing in anything he might choose to wear. Some of us just have it. Could I Have That? I don't know if I would like it on a younger man with less panche less awesome facial hair , but on him this looks foxy!

I think that wearing a collar in or out really depends on the wearer. If you're more comfortable wearing your collar in then wear it in. If you are like this fine gentleman and can pull off wearing your collar out then do it. Wearing your collar in or out or popped is all about confidence. Where My Heart Is. I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles with the polo shirt and suit look. I thought it was because I am clueless about mens fashion!

Well, I like it the way it is. That is, he is sporting a 70s look where wide lapels with collared shirts over the suit were the fashion.

The wide lapel lends itslef to the collar out—a narrower lapel and shorter jacket says collar in to me. I feel collars in can look awkward, esp if the shirt doesn't sit properly—which can be more so for polos.

They are prone to popping out, for uneven sitting as you move around and getting in the way of your chin if you have a shorter neck…. I also like the colours—dirty deep blue with dirty deep brown—keeping the same tonings can work. The pocket square has both colours in there so does co-ordinate. The only thing I feel could change—a tiny bit only—is the height of the trousers—just a tad too high for me. Oh and the good rugged looks along with the beautiful head of hair and fantastic goatie completes this for me.

It's a modern spin. The color makes a difference. Black with midnight blue, that works. Polo collar in or out. Just not turned up. Oh yeah, that's definitely a tricky thing to pull off. However, this man looks pretty good, even though I think I myself would keep the collar in.

Empress of The Eye. There's little about this man that is 'tucked in' so why should the collar be? It's about an attitude, not so-called fashion rules, which, let's be honest, can be restrictive as well.

If this blog is about individualism and personal style, which is why I like it, then, hats off to polos and suits. Or whatever works for the individual in question. Look at his magnificent hand forget the cigar.. Just walk down your local city streets, and you can find an example of any man proving poor class, even in PARIS but real Parisians don't dress badly anyways ….

Scott — I love the wonderful men you've been showing wearing blue. This guy is an obvious bad boy, his look wouldn't work on the lovely man on the bicycle immediately below this picture but it definitely works here. If anything, I'd trim up his beard a bit but that is also a part of his look. Individualism is why we like looking. This guy might be one of my favorite characters on the Sartorialist… He always wears his clothes with a devil-may-care attitude.

Regardless of anyone's opinion on polo with suit, collar in or out, etc, this man is wearing it how he wants it. To hell with everyone, his stance says! The shirt is less of an issue with me — it's the high waisted pants that are a turn off. He also has a Charlie Mansonish look to him. Linen suit, nice colour and I am guessing he is trying to match the shirt with suit buttons.

I think a lighter polo shirt would have been more successful or alternatively a proper dress shirt. Also the collar should have been better pressed and sat inside the jacket collar as was mentioned on earlier comment. Other details are nice though, pocket square and button hole. Statement-making two buttons on the cuffs as well is interesting but not sure his trousers fit — a bit baggy? Perhaps relaxed Italian style? This look is by no means stylish. It's good to cross limits but this goes too much off the beaten track.

The collar out makes it look dated and messy. Navy linen suit that looks too tight,high waist pants and brown polo with the collar out is not the strongest combination. The beard gives me another reason to give another thumb down to this.

The man in the photo is confident, and has impeccable grooming. That being said, I can not agree with a polo shirt paired with a suit. I'd try collar in just for the sake of it but overall I don't think you should reinvent the wheel here. Suits are meant to be worn with button down shirts. You can play with different colors, prints, fabrics and ties to create different looks.

Polo shirts look better with more casual clothes. I say "collar in" but it does work for this guy. It find it only really works with a premium, luxury polo. Lacoste-style cotton polo shirts, while classics in their own right never seem to look "right. Crumpled linen suit with patch pockets and polo top; a perfect combination. Relaxed summer comfort without being lazy. Wear the collar how you want. I would probably not wear those two colours together black and blue but, collar in sounds like a better idea, in most cases.

Here the superposition works because the fabric of the jacket is fairly lightweight and flexible in other words: The jacket also has patch pockets, and is not as formally cut as most suits would be the cut is, in fact, closer to what people used to call a "sports coat" in the US than to a suit jacket. Last but not least, Lacoste polos work well with jackets if you pick them in the right size i. Man, he is just so dashing. But what really makes me write a comment this late is that I only now noticed how high cut high waisted, would you say that for a man?

Sorry, am unable to decide on the collar as I'm still swooning from the look in this guy's eyes. I used to see this guy every morning on my walk to work in Florence.

I love his style. And he seems to be able to pull anything off. Oh to live in a world with no rules such as "collar must be in! I'm contradicting myself in that I think rules can be useful — e. It's like telling me not to wear white after labor day. This guy has a seventies vibe. Plus he's Italian willing to wear pants that actually cover his pelvis, smoke a cigar, and no — suit is not too tight, IMHO: I'd be a happy lady if all men in the world had the sartorial charm of the Italians…Living in NA, in general, can be an acute punishment of visual deprivation….

I hardly notice the collar — but LOOK how perfectly the balance points fall of his beard, the polo and the jacket. Problem is you need a stiff polo collar that will extend enough to cover the jacket collar. If not the collar sticks out only on the sides looks undone. To achieve it you would have to fix your collar every time you but the jacket on to much effort for true style. I tried a polo buttoned all the way up with a tie , fabulous! Not suitable for the conservative office environment just yet but wonderful for casual outings.

I definitely think it can be done but the collar MUST be in. Then again it depends on the individual. The collar could also be worn in a more asymetric form. Polo and a jacket is THE way to dress in warm tropical climate to look casual yet smart. Normally I'd say collar in but this guy looks good with it out.

I'm still going to wear mine in though! I like the high waisted pants. I personally wouldn't wear any polo shirts with a suit jacket since the collar is not structured to stay folded in it's place. I prefer structured shirts with jackets. I couldn't do it but he looks good enough. Still, as far as collar in or out…"all depends on the shoes". My only 2 issues are: With a structured, wool suit, collar in is a no brainer. However, with an unstructured, linen suit, the collar out works, at least on him.

Doesn't hurt that he has the whole square jaw, distinguished goatee thing happening as well. The collar out might not look as good on a man with a rounder face.

A buttoned up polo shirt with the collar in especially with a linen suit , would make the wearer look exactly like an American, Yuppie d-bag. Subscribe to the content of this blog, in the rss feed reader of your choice.

Do not use or reproduce without permission. Hosted by Powered by Site by Colorz. The next critical question would then be, collar in or out?

Comments Close comment Jump to comment form. Anonymous August 16, at 9: I'm not a fan, but if it has to be done, collar in. Rich August 16, at 9: I prefer the collar in myself but this guy seems to be able to pull it off. Hogan August 16, at 9: The Sluice Box August 16, at 9: Hiroaki Nagahata August 16, at 9: Nicolas Payne-Baader August 16, at 9: Looking at this, first thing in the morning, I see nothing wrong.

Penny August 16, at 9: Ivan August 16, at 9: Sahara August 16, at 9: What attracts you to him, in my opinion, is his confidence, his pose…not the suit! John August 16, at 9: Nadine2point0 August 16, at 9: Very charming and ellegant man! Marcushi August 16, at 9: From my perspective, I'd say collar in…. Bill August 16, at 9: Kathleen August 16, at 9: KS June 4, at 4: There must be something wrong with you or your screen. Joanna Roman August 16, at 9: Dana August 16, at 9: JM August 16, at 9: Anonymous August 16, at Collar out for this gentleman.

In for everybody else. When you have a face as handsome as his, you can get away with murder. JM Rayner August 16, at Best of Beehive August 16, at Wow, that's what I call aplomb! To hell with collars in or out. Laurent August 16, at Teresa Hatfield August 16, at Visit my article on the proper way a stylish gentleman should wear shorts. You can call this a go-to uniform for a casual suit environment or one that allows business casual wear.

You can do the work you need to do in comfort and in a classic and timeless style. Showing a little ankle is generally allowable for this time of year warm weather months.

Another option is to play with the watch. Lads, remember that company policy always supersedes any style adjustment that you may want to do to you workwear. Also, this is great for the weekend with the guys.

A look such as this will have you on stylishly on point at any event. You could even switch out the brogues for boat shoes or casual sneakers and be off to your favorite to somewhere super casual such as your favorite sporting event. By adding a cardigan and the dark washed pants, you are ready for a night on the town. Not every restaurant requires a jacket and a tie. This look is great for those dates that are more causal in nature. Outings, like heading to a museum or listening to live music, are venues where this look is appropriate.

If the shirt is dark — the cardigan should be light. A light shirt requires a dark cardigan. Another slick tip is to make sure the face of the watch pops. The lighter the face the more vibrant the detail of the outfit. A great way to keep this kind of look crisp is to wear a time piece with a white face.

Oh, and it will look fantastic with a white shirt peeking out of the neckline of the dark cardigan. Part of dating and impressing a woman is knowing what look a certain environment requires.

Knowing when to pull out the formal wear and when to dial it back a bit will impress her tremendously. The rugged look is my favorite way to wear a polo shirt.

Bringing in boots adds a nice masculine touch to an outfit that would otherwise be considered business casual. You can use any classic color sport coat blue, brown, grey or tan as they are the neutrals that will work well with any solid polo. Polo shirts do go well with patterned jackets but make sure the polo is solid.

The darker the pants, the more formal the look. You can wear lighter trousers if you choose and should the environment deem it appropriate. Also, the color of the polo is your choice. White is the easiest option.

The polo shirt is a classic casuall menswear item. It can be worn in many different ways. While it is usually a for relaxed look, the polo can be dressed up into semi formal or business casual. This article will show you how to style a polo shirt 5 different ways. When you’re looking for an office-friendly polo shirt you want to go with a slim (but not skin-tight) cut and some kind of design detail that takes it firmly off the tennis court. Polo Sweat Suits. Activewear never looked so good. The Ralph Lauren selection of Polo sweat suits includes a sampling of hoodies that are ideal for the male athlete, or the man who simply prefers casual clothing.. Polo Ralph Lauren embodies the comfortable American style that is great for everyday wear.